Ana Lucia Garcia Hoefken

b | 1994. Lima, Perú

Currently living and working in Barcelona.

With interests in materials, form, texture and science my work centers on making research on different types of matter, both raw or man-made, centering on sculptures and installations whilst also invoking video and performance.

My practice is based on stimulating the discourse of matter by manipulating its own materiality, or decontextualizing its symbolic value. I investigate their properties and qualities to create dialogues between units of matter, to understand their relationship to the environment, and to dismantle various imposed cultural representations.  

This is how I seek to break through the predetermined perception, provoking new meanings and thus exposing a perpetual change in the categorization of the elements.

I am interested in creating a language about the nature of external and internal forces exerted on the material and in articulating a narrative of its development. In order to represent this, I focus on the study of the media I choose to work with, learning and relearning about their adaptability and limitations.

Thus, I began to question the ephemeral nature of the material and the object in relation to its environment, challenging its entropic character and observing its transformation by its own means or in an arbitrary way.


2021 Escola Massana                                                                              Barcelona, Spain
                    - Sound Art: concept, edition & recording
                    - Experimental video art

2018 Central Saint Martins                                                                     London, UK
                    - Foundation in Art and Design (Merit) 

2017-2018 Ceramic Studio “Polen Construcciones”                               Lima, Perú

2016 University of Groningen                                                                 Groningen, The Netherlands
                     - Exchange Program                                  

2011-2017 Universidad de Lima                                                              Lima, Perú
                    - BA Industrial Engineering (GPA 4.0)          

Exhibitions and Publications

SOLO Shows
2020 Común Denominador                                                                 Casa Fugaz, Perú

2021 Sonido Disperso                                                                        Escola Massana, España

2021 You better keep them creative!                                                 Casa Fugaz, Perú

2018 Central Saint Martins Foundation Show                                 Lethaby Gallery, London, UK

2018 Waterlow Art Park Exhibition                                                    Waterlow Park, London, UK


2017 Collaborative installation “El Camarin” for Myopia        Art Fair, Lima, Perú

Residencies and other

2021 Art co-curator “You better keep them creative!”                     Casa Fugaz, Perú

2019 Mold Making and Slip Casting Workshop                               Cotto Designs, Perú

2019 Art curator for exhibition “Madres del Callao”                         Lima, Perú
-                 Foto Monumental 2019      

2019 Investigation in situ                                                                      Cusco, Perú
          on traditional Peruvian ceramics techniques                                        

2018 High House Residency with Antony Gormley                          Norfolk, UK

2017 Investigation in situ                                                                       San Martin, Perú
          on traditional Peruvian ceramics techniques