Ana Lucia Garcia Hoefken

Común Denominador


Común denominador,
evolution of Huamanga stone, revealing its transformation across various physical states on cement-covered pillars.
Erosión antrópica I, Huamanga stone incrementally modified with manual cuts
Erosión antrópica II,
Huamanga stone powder incrementally encapsulated in glass cubes
Erosión antrópica I
Erosión antrópica II,

In the exhibition Común Denominador the elements seek to give traceability to the evolution of the material and to take a retrospective of the process of change. A process arbitrarily infringed on the material seeking to display its own adaptability and limitations resulting in the contemplation of its various forms. This is a reflection about change and the desire to remain within a unit that is in perpetual transformation and resides in an inevitable loss. Contemplate the disorientation of time and generate a dialogue between their states.