Ana Lucia Garcia Hoefken

       Tierra cocida, tierra quemada

Tierra cocida, tierra quemada, cerámica terracota quemada a distintas temperaturas

Tierra cocida, Tierra quemada is a project that studies the process of vitrification of clay, dismantling the gestuality of the act of creation and interaction of the matter itself, together with different states of burning. It is composed of a series of cylinders made with terracotta clay, made with the same shape and technique but subjected to different temperatures. The first cylinder was burned at 600 degrees, the second at 1000, and so gradually until reaching 1180 degrees, resulting in the recreation of the process of transformation of the material.

The figure of repetition symbolizes the essence of the tradition and serves to reconstruct and decode the process. In each cylinder the material reveals its own animated state, making more present the traditional technique with which it was made. This is a way of revealing the evolution of the material - its material qualities are activated and unknown states are discovered. By taking ceramics to its limit point, we are able to observe the personality of the material on another scale and can question all the possibilities it has, and in this way, an awareness of non-material formative forces emerges.