Ana Lucia Garcia Hoefken

       Soundless surroundings

Soundless surroundings is a research project that seeks to activate the resonance of space in performance to reconstruct and deconstruct the outside within. In this act, the transformation of the adjacent public soundscape is explored from within by amplifying it through a speaker and subsequently wrapping it with fabric in a repetitive and continuous manner, questioning the projection of an interior place as one's own. Through the empirical experimentation of sound properties, the representation of its materiality is contemplated, creating impressions by extending the immediate exterior, blurring the boundaries with the adjacent space. Is the insertion of an alternative territoriality into a real space compatible? Do outside sounds become more evident when brought inside? What happens to the inside when the inside becomes the outside? Does external sound become internal or vice versa? What is the relationship we maintain with our environment individually and collectively?

[What is inside? 
What is outside? 
Inside is always the inside of the outside. 
Only the inside has an outside; it is the fold of the outside. 
To live is to live in the folds.] - Deleuze