Ana Lucia Garcia Hoefken

Común Denominador, 2020
Erosión antrópica I, Común Denominador, 2020
Erosión antrópica II, Común Denominador, 2020
Disecciones I, Lo estático en movimiento, 2023
Paisaje fluvial IV, Lo estático en movimiento, 2023
Lo estático en movimiento, 2020
Piedras por kilo, Lo estático en movimiento, 2023
Sobre paisajes domesticados, Lo estático en movimiento, 2023
Transfiguraciones, Ella, 2023


With interests in materials, form, texture and science my work centers on making research on the composition and transformation of matter, centering on sculptures and installations whilst also invoking video and performance.
My research is based on the concept that matter shapes human experience. I approach this subject with diverse multidisciplinary scientific methodologies such as ecology, geology, chemistry and physics. In practice I stimulate the discourse of matter by manipulating its own materiality and decontextualizing its symbolic value. I investigate its properties and qualities to create new dialogues between units of matter, understand its relationship with the environment and dismantle various imposed cultural representations.

I am interested in creating a language about the nature of external and internal forces exerted on the material and articulating a narrative of its development. To represent this, I focus on studying the media I choose to work with, learning and relearning about their adaptability and limitations. This is how I break through the predetermined perception, provoking new meanings and thus exposing a perpetual change in the categorization of the elements. Through this process I began to question the ephemeral nature of the material and the object in relation to its environment, challenging its entropic character and observing its transformation.